WORX WG629 Hydroshot 20V PowerShare 2.0 Ah 320 PSI Cordless Portable Power Cleaner review




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Imagine having the power to clean anything, anytime, anywhere, without the hassle of cords or bulky equipment. With the WORX WG629 Hydroshot 20V PowerShare 2.0 Ah 320 PSI Cordless Portable Power Cleaner, your cleaning tasks become a breeze. This revolutionary product offers unmatched convenience and efficiency, allowing you to effortlessly tackle dirt, grime, and debris from your outdoor spaces. Whether you need to wash your car, clean your patio, or spruce up your garden, the Hydroshot will be your go-to companion. Its portable and cordless design, combined with its impressive power and versatility, make it the perfect tool for all your cleaning needs. Say goodbye to messy, time-consuming cleaning routines and say hello to the future of hassle-free cleaning with the WORX WG629 Hydroshot.

WORX WG629 Hydroshot 20V PowerShare 2.0 Ah 320 PSI Cordless Portable Power Cleaner

Find your new WORX WG629 Hydroshot 20V PowerShare 2.0 Ah 320 PSI Cordless Portable Power Cleaner on this page.

Why Consider This Product?

When it comes to keeping your outdoor spaces clean and pristine, look no further than the WORX WG629 Hydroshot 20V PowerShare 2.0 Ah 320 PSI Cordless Portable Power Cleaner. This innovative product offers a wide range of features and benefits that make it a must-have for any homeowner or outdoor enthusiast.

With scientific research and evidence backing its effectiveness, the Hydroshot power cleaner ensures powerful and efficient cleaning. It has been designed with the latest technology to deliver professional-level results right at your fingertips. Additionally, this product boasts relevant certifications, endorsements, and numerous positive customer testimonials, further elevating its credibility.

Features and Benefits

Adjustable Pressure Settings

The WG629 Hydroshot offers customizable pressure settings, allowing you to adjust the intensity according to your cleaning needs. Whether you require a gentle spray for delicate surfaces or a powerful blast for tough stains, this power cleaner has you covered. This versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, from patio furniture and vehicles to outdoor equipment and muddy boots.

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Cordless Design

Say goodbye to tangled cords and limited mobility. The WG629 Hydroshot is powered by a 20V PowerShare battery, giving you the freedom to clean wherever you need to without any constraints. The cordless design ensures utmost convenience and portability, making it easy to tackle outdoor cleaning tasks without being tethered to a power outlet.

Multiple Accessories and Attachments

The Hydroshot comes with a variety of accessories and attachments that enhance its versatility. From a soap dispenser to a multi-spray nozzle, these extras enable you to tailor the cleaning experience to your specific needs. Whether you need a high-pressure jet for stubborn grime or a gentle mist for delicate surfaces, you can easily switch between attachments for precise and effective cleaning.

Water Conservation

In addition to its powerful performance, the WG629 Hydroshot promotes water conservation. Its clever design efficiently uses water, allowing you to clean with less waste. The power cleaner requires just 0.53 gallons per minute, saving water and reducing your environmental footprint. With the Hydroshot, you can tackle outdoor cleaning knowing that you are being both efficient and eco-friendly.

WORX WG629 Hydroshot 20V PowerShare 2.0 Ah 320 PSI Cordless Portable Power Cleaner

Discover more about the WORX WG629 Hydroshot 20V PowerShare 2.0 Ah 320 PSI Cordless Portable Power Cleaner.

Product Quality

As a leading brand in outdoor power tools, WORX is dedicated to providing top-quality products, and the WG629 Hydroshot is no exception. Crafted with durability and reliability in mind, this power cleaner is built to withstand the toughest cleaning tasks. Its sturdy construction ensures it can handle various surfaces and withstand the rigors of outdoor use, guaranteeing a long-lasting and hassle-free cleaning experience.

What It’s Used For

Versatile Cleaning Applications

The WG629 Hydroshot power cleaner can be used for a wide range of outdoor cleaning tasks. From decks and patios to cars and bikes, this portable cleaner is suitable for almost any surface. Its adjustable pressure settings and multiple attachments allow you to tackle different cleaning applications with ease. Use it to remove dirt, grime, moss, and even road salt, achieving a spotless and well-maintained outdoor space effortlessly.

Auto and RV Cleaning

Cleaning your car or RV is a breeze with the Hydroshot. Simply attach the soap dispenser attachment and effortlessly clean your vehicle from top to bottom. The adjustable pressure settings allow you to handle delicate areas like windows and mirrors without causing damage, while the powerful jet spray effectively removes stubborn dirt and mud. Say goodbye to expensive car washes and hello to a sparkling clean ride with the WG629 Hydroshot.

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Garden and Pool Maintenance

Maintaining your garden and pool areas has never been easier. The Hydroshot power cleaner provides a convenient way to keep your outdoor spaces looking their best. Use it to wash off your patio furniture, remove algae from your pool steps, or clean your gardening tools. The multiple attachments ensure you have the right tool for the job, allowing you to complete your outdoor maintenance tasks quickly and efficiently.

Quick and Easy Cleanup

From muddy boots to dirty bikes, the Hydroshot makes quick work of cleanup tasks. Its portable and cordless design allows you to easily bring it to the source of the mess, whether it’s a muddy garden path or a grimy grill. With this power cleaner, you can say goodbye to the hassle of dragging out buckets and hoses, and instead, enjoy a hassle-free cleaning experience right at your fingertips.

WORX WG629 Hydroshot 20V PowerShare 2.0 Ah 320 PSI Cordless Portable Power Cleaner

Product Specifications

Specification Detail
Power Source 20V PowerShare Battery
Max Pressure 320 PSI
Water Flow Rate 0.53 Gallons Per Minute
Battery Capacity 2.0 Ah
Weight (without fuel) 3.7 lbs
Dimensions 20.5 x 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Warranty 3-Year Limited Warranty

Who Needs This

The WG629 Hydroshot power cleaner is a must-have for anyone who values cleanliness, convenience, and efficiency in their outdoor maintenance routine. Whether you are a homeowner looking to keep your outdoor spaces pristine or an outdoor enthusiast who frequently goes camping or RVing, this power cleaner is a valuable addition to your arsenal of tools. Additionally, it is perfect for those who are environmentally conscious and want to conserve water during their cleaning tasks.

WORX WG629 Hydroshot 20V PowerShare 2.0 Ah 320 PSI Cordless Portable Power Cleaner

Pros and Cons


  • Adjustable pressure settings for versatile cleaning
  • Cordless design for ultimate portability and maneuverability
  • Multiple attachments for enhanced functionality
  • Water-efficient, promoting environmental conservation
  • Durable and reliable construction for long-lasting use
  • Suitable for various outdoor cleaning applications


  • May not provide enough pressure for heavy-duty cleaning tasks
  • Battery life may be limited for prolonged use


  1. How long does the battery last? The 2.0 Ah battery can last up to 30 minutes of continuous use, depending on the pressure setting and cleaning application.

  2. Can the Hydroshot handle cleaning tasks during winter? Yes, the WG629 Hydroshot is capable of removing road salt and grime during the winter season. However, it is always recommended to follow the user manual’s instructions for proper usage in cold weather.

  3. Can I use the Hydroshot with any other WORX power tools’ batteries? Yes, the WG629 Hydroshot is part of the PowerShare system, allowing you to interchange batteries with other compatible WORX power tools.

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WORX WG629 Hydroshot 20V PowerShare 2.0 Ah 320 PSI Cordless Portable Power Cleaner

What Customers Are Saying

Customers rave about the WORX WG629 Hydroshot, praising its performance, versatility, and convenience. Many highlight the impressive cleaning power, noting that it effortlessly removes stubborn dirt and grime. Others appreciate the multiple attachments, as they allow them to tackle a wide range of cleaning tasks with ease. Several customers also commend the water efficiency, stating that they can clean their entire patio using just a fraction of the water they would typically use.

Overall Value

With its exceptional features, versatility, and high-quality construction, the WG629 Hydroshot power cleaner offers excellent value for its price. It provides a convenient and efficient way to maintain your outdoor spaces while promoting water conservation and environmental sustainability. Whether you want to clean your car, garden, or patio, this power cleaner is an invaluable tool that will make your life easier and your outdoor spaces spotless.

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

  • Experiment with different pressure settings and attachments to find the most effective combination for each cleaning task.
  • Prioritize safety by wearing protective gear, such as goggles and gloves, when operating the Hydroshot.
  • Charge the battery fully before each use to ensure maximum cleaning power and battery life.
  • Regularly clean the filter to prevent clogging and maintain optimal performance.
  • Store the power cleaner and its attachments in a clean, dry place to prolong their lifespan.

Final Thoughts

Product Summary

The WORX WG629 Hydroshot 20V PowerShare 2.0 Ah 320 PSI Cordless Portable Power Cleaner is a versatile and efficient cleaning tool that offers remarkable performance and convenience. With its adjustable pressure settings, multiple attachments, and cordless design, this power cleaner is suitable for various outdoor cleaning tasks. It provides excellent value and promotes water conservation, making it a top choice for homeowners and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Final Recommendation

If you’re looking for a highly effective and portable solution to maintain your outdoor spaces, the WG629 Hydroshot power cleaner is an excellent investment. With its impressive cleaning power, versatility, and water efficiency, it delivers professional-level results with ease. Say goodbye to labor-intensive cleaning tasks and elevate your outdoor maintenance routine with the WORX WG629 Hydroshot.

Find your new WORX WG629 Hydroshot 20V PowerShare 2.0 Ah 320 PSI Cordless Portable Power Cleaner on this page.

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